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Saturday, November 24, 2012


       I can't say for sure that I love the new look of the blogs but I guess I will get used to it, especially for as often as I have to get here. Since my last post I have been diligently working to keep my grades up in school and I have changed my major. I have decided to be in the Human Services field and possibly get my Masters in Social Work?! It's an idea I am playing with all that has happened with the boys and I. 

     I made the Dean's list last semester and it looks like I should make it again this semester! I am extremely proud of myself for this, considering I am the only person who can be proud of me. I have deleted those that have made my life hard and I couldn't be happier! I smile more, laugh more and I feel better about the choices I make! 

     The boys father is still delusional! He doesn't bother to call, write, or send them messages via Facebook even though he has those capabilities. He tells anyone who will listen that I am keeping the kids from him. I do not. They can call him whenever they want to, they choose not to. He and his family have all been informed they have free access to the boys and none of them need to speak to me if they choose not to, yet none of them even try. I feel so bad for my children. They have only me and this is not how it should be. I was trying to be polite with their father until he was writing nasty things on my Facebook so I deleted him for my own sanity. I have tried so many times to just get along with him but he can't or won't try to get along with me. I just am at a point where it's up to my children to make their own choices.

     On to bigger and better things......Have a great night!