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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Amazing news. I have had my web site for about 6 months now and have longed to have HTML links to the .imf files. So after asking, begging and waiting patiently I finally got an answer from a friend and one of my wonderful testers. She worked with me yesterday gave me the code, showed me how to manipulate it and made sure I could change it on my own. Then I was off and running. Now all you have to do is go there, find the tutorial you like, click on it and it automatically downloads to your Incredimail. I knwo not exciting news for those of you who do not do stats but in my world I love a challenge and PSP is and was a huge one.

Another huge change has happened and I have a new job role with my students. I am now head mod in one of the groups I am in and I am happy with what I do. It really took a lot of hard work and trust for me to get where I am. At times it can be a bit much but in the end I think of it as fun. There is a lot more to it than what people think to keep things organized, but having OCD makes it a whole lot easier for me.

Other than that life here is great. I still hug my kids everyday and look at them and know that they are the reason I live and breathe. They have NEVER overwhelmed me, caused me to feel like I couldnt handle being a mom, or made me wish that for one second I could take any of it away. Sometimes things get hard especially when you are a single mom, people look down on you and think you cant handle anything. They critize your every move, they think that you cant be a good parent and be a single parent. As I said before 3 of my sons have some issues. This IS NOT an excuse for anything. I still correct them for their behavior, I still expect them to act in a normal manner and follow my instructions. Is it easy to raise 4 sons on my own 2 of whom have ADHD and ODD hell no. Kids with ODD are pre determined to have trouble with the law, school, functionality, and many other I consider this something I am GOING to happen. Not if I can help it. I always TALK to my boys, remind them what is right and wrong. Have they ever been wrong or done wrong, yes. Was I there where they were to prevent it? No, I cant be in 4 places at once, where yet again in some peoples eyes this makes me a bad mom. So I guess you can judge me a bad mom if you want to I dont really care. I know that I am not. Bad moms, dont love their kids, abandon their kids, abuse them, kill them, leave them, hate them, and many other things I would NEVER do to my kids, not for anything in this world.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another kit

Well, even though it wasnt a success I decided to play with PSP again and create another kit. If anything I guess Ill have supplies for my own testers to use and play with when I write a new tutorial from now on. I will post a link and if you feel like snagging go for it if not Im in a who cares if you do or dont mood.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I made a kit :0)

I have been working on this on and off for a few days now. I called it Purple passion. It is my very first kit and it is not a tagger size kit. There are 7 papers, 3 frames, 2 bows, 6 ribbons, 5 glass buttons, and 4 fun shapes. If this is a success I will make more. If not I will make more just for myself. Im a stat tut writer first and a scrap kit maker and user second.
A link for this kit can be found here and it is 100% free. If you share this kit ALWAYS send a link directly to my blog. DO NOT share a direct link to my 4shared. You MAY NOT upload this kit to your own 4shared or to rapid share. Nor may you use this to make a part of another kit. If you can not abide by these rules DO NOT down load my kit!!!!!!!!
hugs, Auds

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another new tutorial :0)

Well I was at it again today. I found another amazing kit and had to see what I could create with it and this is the stat that I made. Actually this is the top piece for my tutorial that I will write tomorrow for this new tut. The actual stat is two pieces and is put together differently. I do noy have the kit make information so if this is your kit PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I really want to credit you in my tutorial and here in my blog as well.
I will have this to my testers for about a week and of course they will be allowed to choose and use any kit they would like to. I do not force them to use only what I create with. Maybe at one point if my blog ever takes off I can have a contest or two here for testers and creators alike.
Well its that time of night for me to hit the hay. Pleasant dreams to you all.
hugs, Auds

Some new tutorials

This morning I decided to release 3 of my 4 tutorials that have been in testing. We got all the kinks worked out and have been pleased with the results. I still have no links to my web site to get them so if anyone would like this you will need to go here and get everything I have ever released. Mind you some are better than others.

The titles of these 3 are, Fur-Ever, Zoom, and Dig It. If you head to the link listed above you would need to look in the files section marked 'Released tutorials, August 2008'. ( feel free to look in any other though because they are also filled with goodies )
Well now I am off to play in PSP and write a few more to keep my testers happy and busy.
hugs, Auds

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Losing sensation

Time to get personal, which I may or may not do too often depending on how I am feeling for the day and time. I see a neurologist pretty regurarly for about 3 years. See I get some of the worst migraines that I cant even begin to explain to you in words. He has been concerned because no matter what he does they just never seem to go away. I have pills and a stat dose injection. Which most times does no good but takes the pain away a tad.

He finally pin pointed a huge part of my problem. I have serious insomnia, which in turn kicks off the migraines. So he gave me a new med which literally helps me sleep. I actually had 2 weeks of no migraines and was going to call and let him know.

The night before I had a weird numb feeling in my left arm and wrist. You know that feeling you get when a part of your body has fallen asleep or has lost circulation? It felt like that. Well mine never has come back. The day I called I spoke to my family doc because now my pinky was numb, and so was my ring finger. He said call your neurologist.

I did, spoke to a nurse and said I have good news and I have bad news. I said the good news is I havent had a headache in 2 weeks. She said and the bad news. I said my family doc said I should call and I went on to explain why. She said she would let my doctor know and then call me back.

I spoke too soon on all counts. 2 days later I got 2 migraines. Now every finger but my thumb is numb in my left hand, and I am starting to lose sensation in the palm of my hand. She called me back monday and said Dr. Later wants to see you now not in 3 months. So I have to see him next week.

I dont really think Im concerned, just wondering if its an easy simple solution that can be answered and taken care of simply.

Made a Harry Potter today :0)

Had a chance to work in PSP again but today was for my Yahoo group. Got this kit from another great group Ziggy Fan
she has some really great things there. She has all four houses for download. So I will eventually be making more. I know what I create isnt all that great but hey I am a work in progress.
Hope you like what you see and if you love Harry Potter well let me know. We have a great group with loads of fun things to do that are also very challenging as well. Here is a link and if you click join please mention you saw me advertise it here. Harry Potter's Magick
Well thats it for this post about 'work and fun'.
Hugs, Auds

Monday, August 11, 2008

Played with a new kit :0)

This is a great kit and I had a lot of fun making this. The kit is titled Paris and to the right is a link to her blog to snag it. I am planning on doing many more great things with all the great kits I have seen and will post what I make.

Also with each new tutorial I decide to write I will post a preview and a link to the website when it is ready for release. If you are a qualified PSP tester and would like to test my tutorials please email me here . I am always looking great testers who love to work in PSP and arent afraid to be challenged.

Now on to PSP and see what my creativity sparks for me today :0)


*Auds Dezinz*

Made a new scrap tutorial !

Well I did it, I went scrap hunting and found some amazing digital scrap artists. I asked for permission to use a kit in a new tut and got it! I worked up a tut last night and am very pleased with the results. My testers are testing it now. Here is a sample of the outcome, mind you the 'header' wont be a seamless tile like the background will be.

The kit can be found at Bluedream Designs she has a many wonderful kits that I intend on using many times. Thanks Bluey for permission to use your kit. I appreciate the vote of confidence and just LOVE the results and the materials provided you made it effortless for me to design! Check out her blog and snag what she has and see what creativity she sparks in you!

Many hugs,

*Auds Dezinz*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just Starting

Well this is my official introduction of *Auds Dezinz* to the blogging world. I am a tutorial writer who has come a very long way in a very short time. I am in the process of learning HTML so as I am learning my blog may be changing so check in often :) . I hope to enlist some sort of fan base other than those that already know me from yahoo groups. I basically write tutorials for Incredimail. I do allow them to be converted to OE because I feel like this, if you enjoy what I write, like the outcome and just dont like the program then why shouldnt you be allowed to use it in whichever program makes you happiest? Some may fault me for that but its my opinion and I am entitled to it.

What do you have to look forward to in my blog? Well, loads fo updates on releases possibly links to my actual site to download them and previews galore. I think even some great info on what it is like to be a creative single mom raising 4 sons all on my own.

Dropping by? Leave me a comment. Want more tutorials that you cant find, ask me to write them. I love to push myself to write something I never have before, or to try that new filter. Until then I am officially ending here but hope to be back soon with some wonderful goodies for all.

Hugs, Auds