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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Amazing news. I have had my web site for about 6 months now and have longed to have HTML links to the .imf files. So after asking, begging and waiting patiently I finally got an answer from a friend and one of my wonderful testers. She worked with me yesterday gave me the code, showed me how to manipulate it and made sure I could change it on my own. Then I was off and running. Now all you have to do is go there, find the tutorial you like, click on it and it automatically downloads to your Incredimail. I knwo not exciting news for those of you who do not do stats but in my world I love a challenge and PSP is and was a huge one.

Another huge change has happened and I have a new job role with my students. I am now head mod in one of the groups I am in and I am happy with what I do. It really took a lot of hard work and trust for me to get where I am. At times it can be a bit much but in the end I think of it as fun. There is a lot more to it than what people think to keep things organized, but having OCD makes it a whole lot easier for me.

Other than that life here is great. I still hug my kids everyday and look at them and know that they are the reason I live and breathe. They have NEVER overwhelmed me, caused me to feel like I couldnt handle being a mom, or made me wish that for one second I could take any of it away. Sometimes things get hard especially when you are a single mom, people look down on you and think you cant handle anything. They critize your every move, they think that you cant be a good parent and be a single parent. As I said before 3 of my sons have some issues. This IS NOT an excuse for anything. I still correct them for their behavior, I still expect them to act in a normal manner and follow my instructions. Is it easy to raise 4 sons on my own 2 of whom have ADHD and ODD hell no. Kids with ODD are pre determined to have trouble with the law, school, functionality, and many other I consider this something I am GOING to happen. Not if I can help it. I always TALK to my boys, remind them what is right and wrong. Have they ever been wrong or done wrong, yes. Was I there where they were to prevent it? No, I cant be in 4 places at once, where yet again in some peoples eyes this makes me a bad mom. So I guess you can judge me a bad mom if you want to I dont really care. I know that I am not. Bad moms, dont love their kids, abandon their kids, abuse them, kill them, leave them, hate them, and many other things I would NEVER do to my kids, not for anything in this world.

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