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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fishing Day

I did something today that I never thought I would get to do with my sons. We actually went fishing and we had a BLAST! ! ! ! The boys all caught a fish or two or 3 and they laughed and giggled and it melted my heart to see them that way.

See when they were little and their father was in our lives we used to fish a lot. He always said teh way I did things was wrong so I came to hate it. There was no laughter, no giggles. Just beer and punches. The boys dont really remember that because they were very little at the time but I do, vividly. Today made up for it all.

Seeing my 6 year old yell "mommy look, I got another one" was all it took for me. Then having my 14 year old get so excited to snag a catfish. These are the memories I want to have forever, not the yelling, screaming and fighting.

I hugged them all extra hard when we were down because I felt so much love for them in a special mom way. This is something I will definately do again.

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