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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Harry Potter's Magick

Well gang the group is on hiatus for now. Not sure I spelled that word 100% correct and at the moment dont care even. I am tired and I am bummed out. I wish the group had been more exciting, more adventurous. More something, but I was unsuccessful yet again.

I think its lack of new tubes and enthusium. Lack of excitement. Lack of whatever it is. My co-owner wasnt there either so I guess it just doesnt matter. Im just plain sick and grumpy today.

Maybe Ill feel differently after the new year comes? Who knows at this point. The group is not 'closed' its just not productive. So no need to be there right. I have other things to do that can benefit me in a different way.

ok enough for now. love to all! ! !

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