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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleep depravation and kits

Well this morning I have no sleep so I have been working on that new kit. Its a slow process due to the lack of sleep. I am certainly not at my peak or my best thats for sure. I want to thank all of you that have voted in the poll so far. its a great turn out! ! ! ! !

I have several new tuts that I am trying on the new kit. So there may be some new suprises in there, :::: Hint to Cari::::

Ok now here is where I may need some help from all of you PSP'ers. My free hand selection tool in X and X2 have NEVER worked correctly. No matter what I have done they freeze up both versions. I went to NDN's blog yesterday and took her advice to another blog to try that glitter filled tut. Yeah right. The free hand selection tool decided to freeze after several attempts and I had no luck getting the tut done at all. HELP PLEASE????????????

hugs, Auds

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